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Hang-Out Chat Room

tranny hang out The Hang-Out is our free 24 hour online chat room for TAT members. Membership is free! Membership is free!

Adult Hang Out for all Member

Hang-Out will automatically open once you successfully register/login. You can also open the Hang-Out chat by clicking "Hang-Out" in the top navigation on our home page.

Maximize your exposure to other members who are on-line at the same time as you! You can do this by leaving yourself logged in to the Hang Out and opening a separate window to search/browse profiles and use other features while you are on TAT.

Hang-Out Chat is a feature rich online chat that we offer free for registered members.

  • Personalized Chat – You can find the Hang-Out panel at the top left of the chat window. Here, you can manage privacy settings and shared files, find detailed chat instructions and even customize your chat window!
  • Online Members – On the right side of the Hang-Out chat window is a real-time list of people in the chat room. You can click on a members name to find additional information and a link to their profile.
  • Private Conversations – Hang-Out chat allows members to have real-time private chat conversations one-on-one. Simply click on a member’s name in Hang-Out chat and select "private chat".
  • Connect with Members – Do you want to find out more about a user in the Hang-Out? In chat, you can click on a user name or picture to be taken to their profile.
  • Ignoring – Ignoring – Hang–Out chat gives you full control over who you talk to. Manage your privacy settings in the panel or click on a user and choose to ignore.

Hang-Out Chat Guidelines

  1. Be respectful to all members. Avoid the use of language or attitudes, which may be offensive to others. Members who find someone offensive may utilize the Hang-Out's ‘ignore’ feature and avoid conversation that may bother them.
  2. Harassment, Bullying, Stalking and any other unreasonable conduct against other users will not be tolerated. If a member is found to be engaged in such behavior, that member’s account will be removed from Try A Transgender.
  3. Respect and welcome all newcomers to the chat. Remember, you were once a "newbie".
  4. Help ease confusion by addressing people by their nickname or handle in chat. Feel free to utilize private chat for one-on-one private conversations.
  5. Members may use caps only for emphasis. Constant "shouting" can be annoying.
  6. Try A Transgender does not have an issue with members directing other members to different legitimate websites. We just ask for a favor in return; spread the word about Try A Transgender!
  7. NO SPAM POLICY Please do not constantly post anything (links, websites, advertising, text etc.) in a persistent, annoying or other manner which may negatively affect the experience of other members.
  8. Do not reveal your password, do not use your real name, do not reveal your address or any other personal information to other members. TAT staff will never ask you for this information in Hang-Out Chat.
  9. TAT is NOT responsible for anything that transpires in the chat room. Please read our full FAQ and always use common sense and protect your personal security.
  10. Have fun and be safe!


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