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One of our main goals at Try A Transgender is to offer a fun and relaxed atmosphere for like-minded members to mingle, interact and explore whatever lifestyle they desire. Our TAT team has the unique pleasure to work for a community of TAT members that have helped us take this online experience to a whole new level.

Introducing the all new
Virutal Cocktail Bar

TAT can help you take the search for your perfect match to a whole new level by giving you the chance to purchase and send special virtual cocktails to other members. You can send a cocktail to gain the affection of the person you desire, congratulate for a special occasion, suggest a dirty fantasy or share a tasty cocktail!

By participating in TAT’s Virtual Cocktail Bar Program, you will help to spread unity and interaction throughout the site, and you might meet that special someone too!

Here is how the program works:

  • All new and current members of TAT will start with 200 free TAT Bucks!
  • Upgrading to a premium membership will add an additional 100,000 TAT Bucks to your bank account.
  • Find your TAT Bucks balance on the Cocktail Bar navigation drop-down. Select "view bank" to find transaction information.
  • Members can send cocktails and novelty items from someone's profile or any search result. Cocktails can also be sent directly from the store to friends.
  • Use TAT Bucks to purchase these virtual cocktails from the TAT Cocktail Bar for any member or friend in the TAT community.
  • Buy additional TAT Bucks by clicking on "Buy TAT Bucks" in the Virtual Cocktail Bar drop-down to send more drinks!
  • You can view your TAT balance on the Cocktail Bar navigation.
  • When a drink is sent, members will receive a notification via email and on TAT that they have a pending virtual cocktail.
  • Members can accept or return cocktails from other members. Don't worry, returned drinks will get a full refund!
  • Accepted cocktails and who sent them are displayed right on a users profile for all members to see with a link to the senders profile!
  • Get Started, mingle, collect cocktails and show your interest today!!


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